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We have improved the original Fresh Start formula and are happy to be able to offer this luxurious foaming cleanser!

This sterile cleanser foams so easily and feels light and luxurious to the skin.

Our new formula now includes 37 ingredients. Fresh Start not only removes your clients waterproof makeup but is especially formulated to EXTEND the RETENTION of their lashes.

It is necessary to use Fresh Start to wash the client's lashes and the entire eye area at the start of the appointment to prepare for the application of their lash extensions. I double cleanse the area to remove all the dead skin and dirt. This allows the glue to adhere better to the skin and hair that you are attaching your extensions to.

Fresh Start is specifically formulated to increase the water levels in the natural lash. This makes it easier for the extension to adhere to the natural lash.

Fresh Start also restores the PH balance of the eye area (and the entire face), thus preventing eye conditions such as blepharitis. If your client already has blepharitis, this formula can also be used effectively to help remove the condition.

Our clients have reported incredible results after using this foam to cleanse their face at home. Many of our clients suffering with oily skin and/or acne happily report a HUGE improvement in their skin as our Fresh start balances the PH of their skin.

I also use this cleanser to clean the brow area before I start doing brow extensions.